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Re: 504 Timeout Errors

QA teasing in production for 504 errors….

Re: Postpone Cheat Day if I cheated during week?

Yes, I would postpone it. Once every two weeks is even ok, if you can survive that long!

Re: 30 Days Later

Rock on, great to see you had excellent results even with stevia. I’ve been a fan for years now and don’t get sugar cravings anymore. As for muscle imbalance, I’ve read that you’ll always be stronger on your dominant arm, but you can try building up your weaker side with heavier weights. I also work behind a computer all day and get nasty back knots. I find that exercising regularly helped my desk posture so that I lean forward less.

Re: 504 Timeout Errors

I am looking into this 504 issue and it seems to be on and off as I have hard time triggering it. I did tuned few things - but I dont believe that I fixed it (or at least have no prof of it).

Please let me know if and when it happens again.

Thank you in advance big time!

Fit for fight

Looking forward to start the SCD!

Hi, I’m AndrewHess77

I’ve fluctuated in weight throughout my entire adult life. I recently peaked at 300lb and decided to get serious about doing something to better myself. I went on a two-month juice fast and dropped over 50 lbs. Obviously, I wasn’t expecting to keep that off, and I didn’t. Coming off the fast, I decided to try a vegetarian diet, but I quickly discovered that vegetarian without a plan is the same as omnivore without a plan. I put more weight back on than I expected and was looking for a new direction when I heard about 4HB.

I have done South Beach with temporary success, but the end result was me not sticking with it and going off the rails. I really like the idea of controlled derailment and the sound principles of 4HB, so here I am. I’ll be tracking my progress in a blog, and I’m interested in online challenges as well.

Big changes, a little at a time.

I am brand spankin’ new to the world of 4HB, but I’m here to learn and share my progress. I started a week ago at 260 pounds, and I’m down 5 lbs since Day 1. Can’t wait to learn, share, and get inspired in this community…

Re: My crazy, erratic lifestyle = SCD plateau?

My replies still aren’t showing up as evidently I need to be invited to a team or something, but am sure that they will show up eventually ;-)

I have a super crazy lifestyle and travel schedule that takes me to a lot of Caribbean countries, as well as a lot of drive travel. I can’t say that I’ve been super successful (5.5 lbs and 4.5” in week 6), but I don’t have a lot to lose and am more interested in getting my BF levels down than the scale (according to my Omiron started around 26% and am currently in the 24% range - goal 18-20%). I’m over 40 female, between 5’9” and 5’9.5” and weighed in today at 148.6.

What I have learned over all the crazy travels:

- Just a little bit of milk or sugar/sugar substitute can stall me

- Water intake is so key to my success - and I too have a difficult time getting it all in with my schedule

- As much as I hate to admit it, 30gm of protein within 30 minutes of waking also makes a huge difference

- I have not really played with protein powder options with so much that I’ve read that it stalls people, but may give it a shot since I’m sick of TSA always pulling out my pouches of tuna. However, I guess if I have white protein powder in my bag, that may be even worse LOL

- If I have several days of some straying via travel restrictions I see a lot of bloating, but as soon as I’m even 1 day back on SCD foods and timing and water, it drops back down immediately. I never go wild during travels but end up noticing sugar in ribs or something that I eat and get a bit bloated and gain a few pounds, but I think it is mostly water.

I’ve just got back/recovered from my last trip and have 6 more days in town before my next trip so I’m going to see how much progress I make in between. I’ve been on the road back to back since I started so it’s been tough to see what a good solid few weeks actually looks like. When I’m in town I cook up good stuff in the crock pot and take plenty of protein and veggies to work which totally works. Water is still harder. When I get in 3+ liters a day the weight and inches melt off. When I only do 2ish, stall.

I really do think it is possible with a crazy lifestyle, it is just getting in tune with what personally stalls you out and what will really work during the crazy. The other piece is the stress/cortisol connection. I’m really concentrating on lowering stress levels enough to get good sleep and stay in my zone.

Anyone else?

Re: Flax Waffles Recipe

Hi guys,

I just realized that none of my posts are showing, but they may some day ;-) When I discovered flax meal, I felt like I had died and gone to heaven - I did flax pancakes, muffins, etc. one cold and rainy weekend. Just a word of warning for those not already consuming a LOT of fiber - sudden uptake of your fiber (flax seed - oil does not have the same effect) can make you feel very bloated and uncomfortable. Now when I indulge in something baked/bread-like I mix flax meal and almond meal.

Re: Chewing gum on the diet?

I was a total gum-aholic and it really does make me bloat when I go back to my old ways. I have found a natural peppermint/cinnamon oil that makes me happy though. A few squirts a day and I feel minty fresh ;-)